Spanish Fly Cantharis D6
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Boost libido and virility. The correct combination of this highly-effective ingredient (Spanish Fly) can often bring both man and woman to the peak of sexual desire even shortly after taking it.

Spanish Fly with Cantharis D6 10ml BoxedThe correct combination of this highly effective Libido ingredient (Spanish Fly) with Cantharis D6 can often bring women to the peak of sexual desire even after taking it for increased pleasure.

After taking this product, women will easily get orgasms or increase the frequency and excitement of orgasms during teasing or during sex.

Brown, a little taste.
We recommend using 5ml each time and adding it to cola or alcoholic beverages 30 minutes beforehand.
Alcohol contains ingredients: Yeast(2CH5OH)
Coke contains ingredients: Caffeine (C8H10N4O2)
Coke contains ingredients: Carbonated (H2CO3)

Water (H2O)
Water molecules and aphrodisiac are ineffective when put together

Product specifications:
One capacity 10ml

Product Origin:
Made in Germany

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