MEN'S MAX Gelee Jelly Flower
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The Gelee Flower Masturbator is a cleverly designed masturbation toy with pistil-inspired crystal gel layer that works in tandem with the seed-inspired, varied gel layer that enwraps your penis. In addition to the awesome textures of the hole, another savvy part of the design is that it doesn't require lubricant. Just put a teaspoon of water inside and massage the toy to lubricate the canal. After your session is over, wash the hole out with water and dry it on the included stand.

- Reusable and washable
- Dimensions: 165 x 60mm
- Inner hole width: 12mm
- Weight: 210g
- Store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight
- Includes drying stand, maintenance powder
- Closed-type masturbator

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