Satisfyer Sexy Secret App Panty Vibrator
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  • Code:SS3351
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  • HK$329
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The Satisfyer Sexy Secret is a budget-friendly panty vibrator that I was surprised to love so much! It is lower-powered than I usually enjoy, but I find the vibrations especially teasy and playful. I’ve found I really enjoy it as foreplay while out with my partner. It’s very comfortable, easy to use, and stays reliably connected to the app. The Sexy Secret is whisper quiet, and can seriously go undetected just about anywhere! With its low price-point, I have become a huge advocate for this well-kept inexpensive secret – everyone should have the chance to try some sneaky, app-controlled fun!

- Teasy vibrations great for foreplay

- A quality app at a budget-friendly price

- Lots of patterns available and ability to create your own

- App is simple and easy to learn

- Reliable connection with the app

- Long-distance connection and video chat with a partner

- Very comfortable

- One of the quietest panty vibrators

- Great battery life

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