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The Men's Max Smart Series has evolved and the Smart Gear is now available!
The 115g all-meat interior is made without any sponge and is made without urethane silicone for a soft, firm feel and stretch.

The interior is thickly striped and oversized, giving you a very realistic feel!
The world's first 6-step design allows you to adjust the level of tightness by rotating. There are 6 adjustable levels of tightness, so you can adjust them to your liking.

The higher the level of firmness, the closer the tube pattern will be to your body.
A single cup is all you need.
The Smart Gear is also easy to clean, as it is designed to be switched between through and non-through.

The Smart Gear is designed for easy cleaning.
This is an improvement on the previous reusable cups that had to be taken apart and the inside removed for cleaning.

- Through design
- Silicone + ABS material
- Shrink-wrap packaging
- Made in Japan

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